She sounds like a funny little girl -- I mean as in amusing rather than
peculiar, but probably both apply. ;-)  I'm glad she's doing better.
Here's vibes that her eye clears up okay.
Diane R.


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Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 2:45 PM
Subject: Autumn's Eye

Thanks to everyone for the info. Autumn is doing better today. You can
tell that her right eye isn't quite right - it seems more glassy than
the other. The steroids make her think she's invincible and she hates
her eye drops. Yesterday after her last dose she ran back over and
swatted the bottle out of my hand. Today she ran from me and tried to
get away - which I take as a good sign. She's usually pretty patient
with medicines. I've been watching her closely and I have my fingers
crossed that she just somehow gave herself a black eye.We'll just have
to keep watching it through the weekend. On a funny note, I decided to
skip brushing her teeth to keep from possibly further irritating her
eye. She saw me with my tooth brush in my mouth and indignantly screamed
at me. 'How dare I skip her!' I ended up having to give hers a cursory
scrubbing (she loves the malt toothpaste.) Bossy little squirt.
~Susan A.

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