Is it possible that he could be aggravated by a food allergy?  Has he always 
eaten the recovery food?  

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Forgot to mention, I do this twice a day.  I've always read and heard that the 
standard dosage of Lysine for an adult cat is 250-500 mg twice a day.  I 
usually start off with 500 and reduce at some point to 250 before stopping it 
completely.   It's an amino acid which counters the effect of the amino acid, 
Arginine, which is needed by the Herpes virus to replicate and be active.  If 
it's Herpes causing the problem, I usually see a result pretty quickly - within 
a couple of days things start getting better.


On Mar 5, 2008, at 3:38 PM, Gloria Lane wrote:

I 've been using a mixture of water or aloe vera, powdered Lysine, Vitamin C 
(the stuff for cats), and colostrum.  I have a bottle with lysine and Vit C 
powder in it.  I use about 500 mg lysine, probably 200 or so of Vit C (for me 
1/4 tsp of the powder mix), and a capsule (opened) of colostrum.  Mix it with 
water or Georges Aloe Vera, suck  all or part into an oral syringe, and give it 
gently to the cat.  For my cat, with both an eye problem and stomatitis, it's 
worked well, fingers crossed...


On Mar 5, 2008, at 2:04 PM, designercats wrote:

Little Milli is getting better. She still has diahrea to some degree but it's 
getting better. Her URI is getting much better although she still coughs and 
sneezes a bit. 
One of the other FeLV+ Cami has a very very stubborn URI. Initially on 
injectable antibiotics he got better really quick and then has been sliding 
downhill ever since. We've tried several antibiotics and he still is very sick. 
His mucus is green (sorry to be so graphic). Any ideas about what other 
antibiotics we can try? He's been on Zithromycin, Chlorapalm, Baytril & PLX 
injectable combo. He responds for a bit but then it gets bad again. He is a 
beautiful sweet, sweet orange and white cat with the most luxurious coat I've 
ever seen. He is an absolute sweetheart. He's approx 2 yrs old. I have been 
syringe feeding him Recovery food mixed with multi vitamin, B complex, Omega 
oils, L-Lysine, Collostrum. I'm still waiting for the Transfer Factor and the 
Interferon alpha.


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