So happy to read this news about Minstrel!  That gives hope for everyone!!!


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Just wanted to bring a positive note to you all.

I took my FeLV girl Minstrel to the vet last week to check her mouth cos she 
was showing dental signs. I'd had her checked at New Year just before Buddy 
(FIV+) passed away and her gums were a little inflammed but not severe. Last 
Friday she had 3 wobbly teeth and red gums so she'd had root infection travel 
down. The vet said the pathology looked like what any cat can get and not 
specifically just related to FeLV. She had 5 teeth out on Tuesday and came home 
trying to get in the bag of cat biscuits bless her - but she is eating well 
soft food complete with antibiotics sprinkled over and some painkiller for 
couple of days. Anyway, whilst she was having pre-op bloods taken I asked them 
to re-check her FeLV status as I know occassionally cats can rid themselves of 
the virus and I just wanted to know either way. The vet phoned this morning 
whenthe blood results came back from the lab and Minstral is now FeLV negative 
:-) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry
 but I think I'll be opening the champagne tonight. I could now even consider 
introducing a new cat into the house (would obviously have to be FeLV - though 
but would mean Minstrel has company when I'm at work - and helping any cat is 
better than helping none. Need to book leave from work and consider carefully 
before that though - but what a nice surprise.

hugs and good wishes to all your kitties xxx 

Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy & Angel Bramble 

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