Lynne - I have direct experience with a cat with herpes eye problems.  It was a 
long time ago but I adopted a lovely white young cat (not kitten) and shortly 
thereafter her eyes looked bad.  After going to regular vet, I was referred to 
a kitty ophthamologist who told me Katie would have to have two types of eye 
drops 3x per day for 8 weeks.  She also said that flare-ups were less likely as 
the cat got older.  After those 8 weeks (which were not fun), Katie's eyes were 
fine.  She never had another flare-up and lived to be 16 years old.  My vote is 
"go for it."

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  Could any of you give me some first hand info and experience with the herpes 
virus in cats.  There is this young cat I saw a picture of who is in a rescue 
shelter at the moment . The poor little thing was a total wreck when this woman 
took her in and she is now in the process of getting her eyes cleaned up.  They 
look a whole lot better than they did before this woman got hold of her.  
Apparently the vet who is taking care of the cat said her eyes would have to be 
cleaned at least twice a day and when and if she has flareups the appropriate 
treatment will have to be given.  She is being spayed very shortly and is going 
to be up for adoption fairly soon.  I said I would take her probably because 
she reminded me a lot of BooBoo.  She's all white and from the picture looks 
like she may have persian in her.  She has that same flat little face that Boo 
did.  Would I be getting myself into something like I just went through with 
Boo or is there more hope for these animals. This kitty has tested negative for 
feline leukemia.  I haven't even told my husband yet.  I just blurted out that 
I would take her.  I don't even know if I'll be chosen anyway.  


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