Crush L-lysine tablets (500mg) and sprinkle the powder on top of, or mix the 
powder into, a little bit of canned food (or more canned food if that is more 
convenient).  I add to a small amount to my cats' food to make sure they get it 
all but a feral will likely eat all the food anyway. Maintenance dose is 250 mg 
two times a day (total of 500 mg in a day). If you see symptoms, many people 
increase that to 500mg two times a day (total of 1000 mg). 

  I bought a pill crusher from Walgreens. I can crush the pill and sprinkle 1/2 
in AM, store the rest of the powder in the crusher and use the rest of the 
crushed pill at dinner time. Works slick. Takes less than a minute to crush!


    On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 2:41 PM, Marylyn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

      Sort of on this subject.......there is a feral who eats/hangs out at my 
mother's.  I suspect it has herpes.  There is no real way for me to be sure.  
This cat, and most of the others who hang out there cannot be touched.  Does 
anyone have any ideas about what can be added to food that might help?  There 
is no other way to get meds/suppements into them and they are very suspicious 
of anything added to the food...even smelly fishy food.     

      Lynne, follow your heart.  Booboo strengthen and enlarged it.  You must 
decide what to do with it.

      On Mar 8, 2008, at 3:59 PM, laurieskatz wrote:

        Lynne, there is a great herpes yahoo group that I belong to. You might 
look into it. My vet thinks 2 of my cats may have this virus. Stress causes it 
to flare. It can cause eye (and mouth?) problems. I give L-lysine twice a day 
during a flare up. I have never had to do more than that with mine whose 
symtoms are minor. Winston occasionally (about once a year) gets an unexplained 
high fever and quits eating. My vet thinks it's related to the herpes. He 
recovers with anti-biotics. I don't think herpes is a big deal in most cats.

        I do think it can be spread, though if my 2 have it the other 5 didn't 
get it. Also, my vet didn't warn me about contagion when he told me he thought 
Lucy may have herpes (cat number 5) or when he told me he thought Winston had 
it (cat number 7). Mine have not been tested for it so can't say for certain 
that they have this. Lucy's eyes run with clear tears when she is stressed and 
Winston winks his eyes and they get red rimmed when he is stressed.

        You might ask the shelter/vet what they will do to reduce her stress 
during and after her spay. Getting her out of the shelter is a GREAT way to 
reduce her stress!

        Congrats if you adopt her!
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          From: Lynne
          Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2008 2:53 PM
          Subject: Herpes virus

          Could any of you give me some first hand info and experience with the 
herpes virus in cats.  There is this young cat I saw a picture of who is in a 
rescue shelter at the moment . The poor little thing was a total wreck when 
this woman took her in and she is now in the process of getting her eyes 
cleaned up.  They look a whole lot better than they did before this woman got 
hold of her.  Apparently the vet who is taking care of the cat said her eyes 
would have to be cleaned at least twice a day and when and if she has flareups 
the appropriate treatment will have to be given.  She is being spayed very 
shortly and is going to be up for adoption fairly soon.  I said I would take 
her probably because she reminded me a lot of BooBoo.  She's all white and from 
the picture looks like she may have persian in her.  She has that same flat 
little face that Boo did.  Would I be getting myself into something like I just 
went through with Boo or is there more hope for these animals. This kitty has 
tested negative for feline leukemia.  I haven't even told my husband yet.  I 
just blurted out that I would take her.  I don't even know if I'll be chosen 


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