California and Texas are really different.  We have very specific laws on the 
books governing seizures, very rescue friendly state laws.  Sally is in the San 
Jose area, about an hour south of me.  
  I'll call her and get some details.  I know California rescue law pretty 
well.  Let me find out what's going on here.  She is likely to have a grace 
period to improve conditions and network with other rescues to make 
arrangements for the animals.  But let me find out what's really going on.

Kelley Saveika <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
SHE HAS TO MOVE THE CATS.  I don't care if she has to board them, or whatever, 
but if AC has been there, they ARE COMING BACK.  For that matter if I 
absolutely had to I would let them outside to keep AC from getting their evil 
hands on them, but that would be a last resort...
  Please, for the safety of the cats, she has to move them.  
  Of course I am not in that area....but if she needs a shoulder to cry on I 
can call her tonight.  When will AC leave rescuers alone....
  On 3/11/08, Nina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:     Hello All,
I just got off the phone with Sally Foster.  Old timers may remember her from 
the list.  We became friends years ago when I first joined the list and Sally 
was kind enough to offer me her phone number so I could cry on her shoulder.  
Sally has been doing TNR and rescuing cats for years.  She's always been so 
helpful and compassionate and I guess a little too open.  She got into a 
discrepancy with one of her new foster parents about the best way to care for 
kittens she placed with them and suspects that they were the ones that turned 
her into animal control.  Yes, here we go with another nightmare.  I think she 
said she had one officer visit the first time, (they didn't enter the house, 
just talked with her about the conditions), then they returned this week with a 
second officer and came inside.  They were making noises like the conditions 
were too crowded, but they didn't indicate what might be coming next.  I know 
that Sally has dealt with ac before and that she has some
 sort of blessing from them to do rescue, I don't remember if it's an actual 
permit or just verbal.

Sally was wondering if I had contact info for rescues or individuals in the bay 
area that might be able to help her foster cats.  Sally's computer is down so 
any communication will have to be by phone or through my email.  Sally's phone 
number is 408-365-0330 if you think you might be able to lend her some support 
or suggestions.  I'm sure that even some kind words would be appreciated at 
this point.  She's so disheartened thinking that people she trusted may have 
put her cats in jeopardy.  

Sally is especially concerned about 3 of her charges, that while asymptomatic, 
have tested positive...  One is a friendly, outgoing orange tuxy/tabby boy that 
has tested pos for fiv.  A marking on his face looks like a Mercedes Benz 
emblem so she's been calling him Benz.  The other two are littermates that 
tested pos for felv about 2 weeks ago.  They are 7 mos old.  The little boy had 
swollen glands and the little girl had runny eyes, but since she's started them 
on feline interferon injections they are symptom free and playful.  She's a 
long haired tortie and he's an orange tuxy/tabby.

Thank you for allowing me to reach out to you guys when I've been away from the 
list for so long.  Please cross post to anyone that you think might be able to 
help.  I do miss you all and wish you so many blessings.  Some day I hope to 
have the strength and energy to participate the way I used to.


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