Hi, Tracy,

Zeplin, the cat in question, was turned in to the SPCA in Harrisonburg, VA. Their policy does not allow adopting him out directly, but they could transfer him to a rescue organization. Currently he has a URI (typical for many cats in shelter situations), but he seems healthy otherwise.


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How is his health overall? Is he healthy or already declining due to FeLV+? Has he been vetted otherwise (neutered, shots, etc)?

Where are you?


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Hi, everyone,

I'm a volunteer with Siamese Rescue, and I am trying to help a completely charming adult seal point snowshoe male that just tested positive (snap combo test) at my local SPCA. Siamese Rescue does not take Felv pos kitties. Does anyone know of any rescues in or around Virginia who could help? The SPCA is holding him through the weekend, so I need to find help quickly.

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