aw, honey--

i am so sorry.

you know, tho, i've come to feel that they don't really take pieces of us
when they leave. we cry, for ourselves, for what we've missed--but it's
because of how much they've given us. and it seems that, once the first
horrid pain passes, i find out just how much of each one they've left
behind.... (someone said, on one of the boards i read, that the intense pain
is their digging a permanent home in our hearts--fanciful, of course, but
who knows..... i think that hole was dug long before, myself.....)

marley is with you and jen and all the others as long as you remember
him--cherish that meow, and the memories of those dances (why WOULDN'T we
believe he slow danced with you? i might question a cha-cha, but not a slow
dance), and all the other times you spent with him. you enriched each
other's lives.

hmmmmm--he dances; does he sing? i'm told there's a great BlackCatChoir at
the bridge....


On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 5:51 PM, Sherry DeHaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This is one of the biggest heartbreaks that I have had to deal with since
> I started volunteering at Sids.Marley was the most
> beautiful,handsome,sweet loving black cat that I have ever met.I know that
> MANY MANY volunteers are crying today for the loss of our Marley.Every cat
> that comes into our care leaves us with a piece of our hearts,well Marley
> took ALOT more than that!! He has touched all of us in so many ways.I will
> miss our slow dancing while he stared soulfully into my eyes.Yes we slow
> danced. :) I swear he totally listened and understood what I said to
> him.Monday night was the last time I had the chance to tell him how much I
> loved him and how special he is to me.He actually meowed at me,he didnt do
> that much.the aweful disease spread ti his brain and Jen had to let him go
> yesterday.she sent out a very sweet e-mail to all of us,title Goodbye to
> our Amazing Marley.He was truly an amazing boy.The place will NEVER be the
> same.But it will still be full of love.
> Thank you all so much,
> Sherry
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