Thank you for sending this!   
Yes, I will eat a whole Cheesecake if this does happen as  promised!
Remember I can't stand the stuff....LOL
This is totally awesome news to read about.
I'm excited....
I have requested to be on their mailing list as  well.
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Just  received this from _www.10thlife.org_ (  
newsletter, dare we  hope???

Pilot Study Will  Help Determine If New Cobra-Venom Drug Cures Feline 
For more than a year we’ve  been waiting for the federal government to 
approve a license application to  use a new cobra-venom based drug in a large 
placebo controlled double blind  research study that will scientifically 
if the new drug cures  feline leukemia (FeLV). The manufacturer has already 
received approval from  the State of Florida to proceed, but – if the drug 
the disease – sales  would be limited to Florida veterinarians and Florida cat 
owners. Federal  approval would allow sales anywhere. 
Because of the  federal delay, Dr. Julie Levy of the University of Florida 
College of  Veterinary Medicine suggested we conduct a smaller 18-30 cat, four 
month,  placebo controlled double blind “pilot study” using the Florida 
license. The  pilot study will follow the same procedures and be conducted in 
same  manner as a larger follow-up study using 100+ FeLV positive cats. The 
larger  study will be conducted if the pilot study shows good results. Good 
results  from the pilot study could expedite federal approval for a larger 
study –  
which Dr. Levy would supervise. The larger 100+ cat study will prove  
conclusively that the drug cures, or does not cure,  FeLV. 
The drug’s  manufacturer will supply the drug to us for both studies (at no 
charge) and  will supervise the pilot study (with the results forwarded to Dr.  
No harm will come to  the cats. The drug is safe and there are no known side  
For the last two  weeks I’ve been looking for a location to conduct the pilot 
study (we can’t  do it at the sanctuary). Once we find a place, I can put a 
final budget  together. 
We will need to raise  money for the pilot study and if we proceed to the 
bigger study, we’ll have  to raise money for that, too. Donors to either study 
will receive a tax  deduction. If the drug does cure FeLV, 10th Life will 
receive a  royalty on each sale of the drug because (1) we are raising the 
 research funds (the manufacturer’s research budget is for human - not animal 
 – trials), and (2) we will be supplying the FeLV+  cats. 
We will probably need  more FeLV+ cats. In a few days I’ll know if we need 
more FeLV+ cats and will  ask you, then, if you have, or know someone who has, 
FeLV+ cats that could  participate in the pilot study. Most FeLV+ cats are 
routinely put down by  their owners... this research is necessary because, if 
drug cures FeLV,  many lives will be saved.      In the meantime,  please 
continue to support us with a donation... I spend most of my time  raising 
operating funds and now that I’m spending a lot of time trying to  get this 
underway, I am not out there raising operating funds. Please,  we need every 
donation to continue providing for our 1,200+ sanctuary cats  and for these 
potentially life saving studies. All donations are tax  deductible.



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