Thank you.  I'm certain I will be talking to you with your knowledge of 
persians.  To show you how much I know I wasn't even sure she was one.  I just 
thought she looked so sweet and in a small way reminded me of Boo.  The field 
worker for the humane society called me last evening to let me know that he had 
been to Boo's previous owner's house asking for info about their breeding 
practices and contacts of others who bought a cat from them.  I told him I was 
trying to adopt this cat named Snowball and it was him who told me definitively 
that she is a persian.  He in fact was the one who rescued her from this guy in 
town.  He said he had wondered where she wound up and was very happy to hear 
she was coming to us.  Snowball is kind of a poster child for neglected cats 
around here.  

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  extreme-faced persians very often have trouble with their eyes and nasal 
passages--there are many resources on the internet for those who work with 
them. some need their little faces just wiped off every day, some need their 
faces WASHED, others will present as if they have an infection all the time 
even when they don't (combination of permanent damage to their little nasal 
passages from a previous URI/lack of nasal passages to start with)--etc etc 
etc. i could go on and on, as my house has been  d ecorated in persian 
provincial since 1981. 

  i mentioned before that you could contact me off list re: rescuing persians; 
that offer remains open re: resources.


  On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 4:17 PM, Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

    I got the email I've been waiting for today.  I have been trying to adopt 
this adorable little rescued cat, persian, for a couple weeks now.  I have 
missed BooBoo so much and have been through such emotional garbage with the 
previous owners of him that I just need another cat to give a good life to.  
This cat was rescued from a horrible person who had a pet shop in town.  The 
humane society and SPCA went in and seized his animals and the City took his 
business licence away.  This cat, (Snowball) was so sick, eyes swollen shut 
from infection, URI and it has taken the foster woman a month to get her well.  
She got final approval from the vet to be let go, has got her shots updated and 
that's that.  She had been disgnosed with herpes.  I know, I'm getting myself 
into another potential situation here, but at least I know what I have to deal 
with if an outbreak occurs.  The vet was going to have her spayed before 
releasing her but I convinced him that I would do it in the near future once 
she has settled down in her new home.  I wish I had never had BooBoo neutered 
so quickly after getting him.  I truly believe it triggered his rapid downfall. 

    Anyway, I now have the foster mom's personal email and we are going to 
start the process of her coming to me.  I am just so happy to be able to look 
after another little lost soul.



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