Dede I told the foster mom she should start telling Snowball about her new
adoptive parents and what life is going to be like with us.

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> Lynne,
> Am so happy for you and you new little one.  When I
> was living in Fl, the rescue groups combined to take
> in over 50 persians this woman had.  They were all
> sick.  It was an awful battle.
> God bless you and Snowball.  It WILL make a difference
> for you, and it already has for her.
> Dede
> --- Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I got the email I've been waiting for today.  I have
> > been trying to adopt this adorable little rescued
> > cat, persian, for a couple weeks now.  I have missed
> > BooBoo so much and have been through such emotional
> > garbage with the previous owners of him that I just
> > need another cat to give a good life to.  This cat
> > was rescued from a horrible person who had a pet
> > shop in town.  The humane society and SPCA went in
> > and seized his animals and the City took his
> > business licence away.  This cat, (Snowball) was so
> > sick, eyes swollen shut from infection, URI and it
> > has taken the foster woman a month to get her well.
> > She got final approval from the vet to be let go,
> > has got her shots updated and that's that.  She had
> > been disgnosed with herpes.  I know, I'm getting
> > myself into another potential situation here, but at
> > least I know what I have to deal with if an outbreak
> > occurs.  The vet was going to have her spayed before
> > releasing her but I convinced him that I would do it
> > in the near future once she has settled down in her
> > new home.  I wish I had never had BooBoo neutered so
> > quickly after getting him.  I truly believe it
> > triggered his rapid downfall.
> >
> > Anyway, I now have the foster mom's personal email
> > and we are going to start the process of her coming
> > to me.  I am just so happy to be able to look after
> > another little lost soul.
> >
> > Lynne
> >
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