Pretty sure 2 of mine have herpes. Keisha probably did, too. Pretty sure 3 do 
They have lived together for 7 years.
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  Oh Laurie, how horrible for you to lose your cat at 22 after the cleaning 
especially since he lived so long and was a positive.  How absolutely heart 
breaking.  Lennie has never had his teeth cleaned under anesthesia.  He has 
always eaten hard food and now I mix it with some softer food but everytime he 
goes to the vet they check his teeth and they're fine.  I probably will never 
have that procedure done to him unless there were an abscess or something.  Too 
risky.  Speaking of risk, I called Lennie's vet, only because they are familiar 
with him and told them what I was planning to do, getting Snowball, and should 
I have him vaccinated for the Herpes Virus.  I forget what 2 things it 
involves, and he said, oh yes, bring him in.  He'll need a physical and then 
we'll vaccinate him.  Lennie was sick last summer with a dermatitis and ear 
infection, not mites, just an ear infection.  He went nuts on Prednisone so 
came off it and once it was discovered he had a thyroid issue, many hundreds of 
dollars later, he was put on thyroid medication and you'd swear he'a a 10 year 
old again.  Anyhow, I then called BooBoo's vet and told him the story.  He 
said, do not vaccinate your old guy. It could be more harmful than benefit.  He 
also assured me that if Snowball is vaccinated and is symptom free I should 
have nothing to worry about.  If she does have an outbreak, I would need to 
isolate her until she is well again.  Lennie will not even go near her.  This I 
know.  He avoided BooBoo like the plague and has no interest in other animals 
whatsoever.  I will have to be diligent about litter boxes, dishes etc but I'm 
really not worried.  With what we have just gone through, we can handle this.

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    Oh Lynne. I have not been on that group for awhile. That is disgusting. I 
have stopped visiting other groups where breeders lurk. 
    Re Booboo, some kitties just respond poorly to anesthesia and also it can 
awaken sleeping threats. My Squeak (FeLV+) had not been under anesthesia except 
to be neutered and declawed by his prior owner. I adopted him at age 8. At 22 
he needed a dental cleaning. The vet had been scraping the tartar off his teeth 
for years but felt we needed a dental. Pre surgery blood work was perfect. Two 
months later he was dead from oral cancer. Did the anesthesia awaken a sleeping 
virus? I will never know but he was the PICTURE of health before this. I don't 
blame anyone but it makes me very sad. He was my soul mate.

    I have read that Persians' flat faces make them more susceptible to upper 
respiratory problems. I suppose the eye problem susecptibility would also make 
sense.You will probably learn alot from her that you can share with others 
along the way.

    Blessings. You deserve them!
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      Thank you Laurie.  I am not one hundred percent certain that Snowball was 
diagnosed with Herpes but this is what the general opinion is and considering 
her living conditions prior to the foster mom's getting her, it is most likely 
what she has.  I guess I'll know more when I get the vet reports and her 
immunization records.  She's healthy now but needs her eyes cleaned daily.  
Apparently some persians have this issue with runny eyes???

      It only made sense to me that she should not be spayed so soon after we 
get her.  People with herpes virus have the same problem of stress triggering 
outbreaks.  Thank heavens you didn't have your Isabella spayed.  I will 
definitely get some rescue remedy and some lysine(?).  Laurie I was on the 
herpes group but got so angry at this guy who is breeding cats with herpes 
virus in some attempt to irradicate the virus that I left.  It was becoming 
seriously argumentative and emotionally I am just not up to fighting these 
days.   I do have some guilt about what happened to BooBoo.  I am just so sorry 
we neutered him, but the vet said he was healthy enough to handle it.  I would 
never place blame on anyone, except for the criminals who sold him to us, but 
if only I knew then what I know now things may have been different.  His blood 
work was bleak.  He was a very ill little guy but still, who knows how it may 
have turned out.  Extremely hard lesson to learn.

      Snowball will never replace BooBoo or our wonderful Chuck or Lennie, who 
doesn't appear to be leaving any time too soon but I think she will bring some 
much needed joy into this house.

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        May I be the first to say.....Congratulations! I can feel your joy! I 
am glad you decided to wait on the spay. I have had that same thought about 
Booboo but didn't want to say it...we waited to spay Isabella (FeLV+), too. 
Eventually (via abdominal ultrasound performed because of then health issues ~ 
she is healthy now!) we learned she had hemaclips which meant she was already 
spayed. Each time we took her to be spayed she was sick ...what a blessing in 

        Winston (probable herpes) outbreaks when he goes to the vet. Using 
rescue remedy, rubbed inside his ears, has helped tremendously. You have good 
gut instincts, Lynn. I am glad they are cooperating with you!!

        Happy Day! 
        Consider joining the herpes yahoo group if you haven't already. I will 
see you there from time to time!
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          I got the email I've been waiting for today.  I have been trying to 
adopt this adorable little rescued cat, persian, for a couple weeks now.  I 
have missed BooBoo so much and have been through such emotional garbage with 
the previous owners of him that I just need another cat to give a good life to. 
 This cat was rescued from a horrible person who had a pet shop in town.  The 
humane society and SPCA went in and seized his animals and the City took his 
business licence away.  This cat, (Snowball) was so sick, eyes swollen shut 
from infection, URI and it has taken the foster woman a month to get her well.  
She got final approval from the vet to be let go, has got her shots updated and 
that's that.  She had been disgnosed with herpes.  I know, I'm getting myself 
into another potential situation here, but at least I know what I have to deal 
with if an outbreak occurs.  The vet was going to have her spayed before 
releasing her but I convinced him that I would do it in the near future once 
she has settled down in her new home.  I wish I had never had BooBoo neutered 
so quickly after getting him.  I truly believe it triggered his rapid downfall. 

          Anyway, I now have the foster mom's personal email and we are going 
to start the process of her coming to me.  I am just so happy to be able to 
look after another little lost soul.


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