What a shame.  Gentle Bridge journey to Slinky and hugs to Laura.
Diane R.


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Subject: please add Slinky to the CLS

Slinky adopted my sister a year and a half ago. He was cautious to be
her cat as he was probably dumped off. He finally befriended her and her
canine lab mixes who loved chasing cats. Slinky was fearless andhe
invited his self into her home. With his laid back attitude the dogs did
not give chase. The day Junior passed I called Laura to cry on her
shoulder. She informed me Slinky was sleeping a lot and somewhat
lethargic. He was also off his food. I told her get him to a vet ASAP,
which she did. She found out that he was FELV positive. He had a fever.
The vet gave fliuds and sent abx home with her. Laura was scared . She
decided to give it a chance as this cat chose her. Well folks it was not
meant to be the cat went off. She found him hiding under her porch and
she could see in his eyes he was ready to go. So she took him to another
vet who checked everything out and she decided to set him free. She
feels as I do that Junior was letting us know that Slinky was not well.
So please add Slinky to the CLS for Laura. Hopefully Slinky will send
her someone to love soon.
Still very much missing my Junior.

Sally, Eric (not a cat),Junior, Speedy, Grey and White, Ittle Bitty,
Little Black, Lily, Daisy, Pewter, Junior Junior (newest) , Silver, and
Spike Please Visit my Message board for some pictures. You are welcome
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