What a shame, Gloria.  Gentle rest to both of them, and may they in their
next life find hoomins who are more mindful of them.

Diane R. 

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I have two former wonderful foster cats that I've recently learned have

Sassy - One died about a week ago, Sassy - she was a beautiful golden
Persian, about 10 years old, delightful cat. Long story short - apparently
Sassy got sick, and her owner also  was ill and became wheelchair bound,
and nobody noticed that Sassy was sick.

Valentino - The other was also an awesome cat - Valentino - a medium long
hair black and white, a young boy, wonderful personality.  His people
accommodated his desire to go out-  they let him out  and of  
course he got run over.   This happened a while back - 2006 probably -  
but the family had moved and I just started wondering, located them and
found out.

It's so sad to lose cats like this, so unnecessarily.


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