Oh thank you Wendy for your kind words.  What a difference a day can make 
though.  This little dickens kept us up all night.  She would take turns on 
each side of the bed, blatting.  We'd say, come up Snowy, she would, purr like 
a freight train, cuddle up and sleep for 20 minutes, jump down and start the 
whole routine again.  This morning she was racing around the house like a 
lunatic, playing hide and seek.  She was kind of naughty yesterday, stalking 
Lennie, ate his food, layed in his litter box.  Did nothing in his litter box, 
just lay in it.  So we changed Lennies food.  This morning she ate her own 
stuff and is using her own litterbox and I think she understands that Lennie 
wants nothing to do with her.  She'll still walk by him and hiss just to bug 
him.  He doesn't care.  She reminds me a bit of BooBoo, very gentle and loving 
but she has a more playful streak in her.  Of course poor Boo was in no 
condition to be playful.  She certainly has helped ease the pain of losing him, 
probably because she is pretty high maintenance.  We need to comb her at least 
once a day and clean her eyes twice a day because they do tear a lot.  I swear 
she would be show material if those eyes weren't so much work.  I'm not going 
to do anything extreme with them, just bathe them with warm water a couple 
times a day so they don't get crusty.  Yep we love her and you know, if dear 
Boo hadn't been with us I probably would never have been made so aware of all 
the devastating illnesses and terrible conditions so many of these cats live 
with.  A real eye opener.  

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  Bless you for taking in this kitty.  It brought tears to my eyes to read your 
post, because I know how very lucky she is to have the new family she's just 
inherited.  She probably doesn't know it yet, but it won't take her long.  What 
a wonderful thing that Boo Boo is part of the reason that this beautiful cat 
now has a forever home.  Please keep us posted on how she does.



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the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade 

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  We met the foster mom of the cat we adopted at the vets this morning and now 
have our new little girl home.  She was a rescued cat from this horrible shop 
owner in town.  I was expecting to meet a kind of pathetic looking little kitty 
but to our surprise, she's a 9 pound gorgeous white persian with amber colored 
eyes.  She's absolutely beautiful but for the moment prefers to be upstairs on 
her own.  We're not forcing ourselves on her but the foster mom s ays she is 
very affectionate and loves attention.  She inspected every inch of the house 
and will come down when she wants to.  We are just so happy to finally have her 
here.  She has never had a real home, just a pet store and the foster mom.  


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