Ron Mason's cats were stolen from him under color of law by the LAPD, but
they were silly enough to put it on film:

There are still ten of them at West Valley (which apparently is a shelter
in/near LA, or perhaps it is a police station, I am not clear on this issue)
living in tiny metal cages, some with signs on the cages stating they will
not be handled.  If anyone lives near LA, or just wants to help these cats
out, I can try to arrange transport.  I could not do anything to help my
stolen cats, but I can try to do something to help Mr. Mason's stolen cats.

None of these cats have FELV, but they deserve better than living in tiny
cages, untouched for months, when they had a happy home with Mr. Mason.

Check out Ed Muzika's blog for details.

Here is his latest statement on the cats:

Look you guys. Help get the rest of the Mason cats out of West Valley. Staff
will release them to whomever. The cost is $27 if they are spay/neutered,
$55 if not. I will spring for half the fee. Leave a comment and we'll
arrange a visit with Ron Mason to select the ones to go. They are still in
the evidence room.

Here's the URL to Ed's blog (which is excellent by the way).

Again, please forgive the OT post, but more of yall have LA contacts than I
do....please, please help these cats...I will be forever in your debt.


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