Then I say...go for it.  I understand being tired and wondering if you can do it (again) but something is pulling you to this cat.

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I am really on the fence about this. On one hand I would like to think fate is intervening. A felk near me. He was just neutered 1.5 yo needs a home. May have a home in IOWA I am in VA. The person in IA cannot take until May but deals with FELV cats. I have not talked to the owner or I should say caretaker she is not able to keep the cat until then. Right now the cat is still at the Vet clinic. i have only spoken with a siamese rescue person who got involved bc it is siamese. They cannot house due to teh felk. I had a part Siamese cat 4 years ago and will always miss the funny boy named
Puttyrat See my email addy. I am just too tired to talk to this lady today. I had a root canal started Friday and my mouth still hurts. Hard to be upbeat when I am in pain. I think the cats will be taken care of, but I kinda would like the Siamese boy.

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