I agree that you should call.  Something is calling you to this boy and I agree 
that the trip to Iowa would be way too much stress on him!  You would never had 
thought twice had it not been meant for you to get him.
  Debi H.

Tracy Weese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
#ffffff;color: black;}    Then I say...go for it.  I understand being tired and 
wondering if you can do it (again) but something is pulling you to this cat. 

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  Subject: Re: Balance of puddy cats ~ new cat?

  I am really on the fence about this. On one hand I would like to think fate 
is intervening. A felk near me. He was just neutered 1.5 yo needs a home. May 
have a home in IOWA I am in VA. The person in IA cannot take until May but 
deals with FELV cats. I have not talked to the owner or I should say caretaker 
she is not able to keep the cat until then. Right now the cat is still at the 
Vet clinic. i have only spoken with a siamese rescue person who got involved bc 
it is siamese. They cannot house due to teh felk. I had a part Siamese cat 4 
years ago and will always miss the funny boy named 
  Puttyrat See my email addy. I am just too tired to talk to this lady today. I 
had a root canal started Friday and my mouth still hurts. Hard to be upbeat 
when I am in pain. I think the cats will be taken care of, but I kinda would 
like the Siamese boy.

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