I just wondered if u had any luck finding a home for bella. I would love to 
take her as im a vet nurse who already has a FLEV+ cat but i live in aust and 
the cost and stress of a blind cat travelling that far wont be much help but i 
am going to forward on your email and i hope u have found a home for her
  LoVe Nat

          Hi all, can anyone help this kitty?
  I wish I could but not in the position to do so due to incoming rescues and 
one of my cat rooms has seniors in it.
  I know this rescue they are very reputable and caring.
  You can tell them I sent an urgent request to help this kitty as they know 
who I am.
  This kitty can go to a caring home or a rescue that has knowledge about FELV 
kitties plus the fact this kitty is blind.
  Contact information is below.
  Permission to crosspost and forward!
  In a message dated 4/4/2008 10:33:12 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [EMAIL 
            Hi all, I wrote a few days ago about Belle, the young blind cat 
from Yakima, starving to death as a stray. We have had her at the vet where she 
uses her litterbox and is a nice kitty just happy to be having food regularly. 
We asked the vet to do blood work to see if healthy. 
  Well, her overall health is good, but she came back FELV positive. The vet 
said she can live a nice, long life with another FELV kitty, but we have not 
found anyone willing to try and adopt her out (we had some offers with her 
being blind, but not blind AND FELV--this kitty has just plain bad luck).
  Please forward this email to help us find hope for Belle. We cannot keep her 
at the vet in a cage permanently and our small rescue does not have an area for 
FELV cats (its just me and Karen K. who hold cats for the county). 
  Transport would be provided to a good rescue willing to help her find a 
forever home. We would spay her before she goes.
  Please contact me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] as soon as possible. Karen Karen 

Cat Rescuer for Ellensburg, Washington
President, KCFOA
  Please contact me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] as soon as possible



Terrie Mohr-Forker








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