I hope you find homes for them.

When I wrote in yesterday, I was more in panic mode and not necessarily
thinking too clearly. I appreciate the advice from all of those who
responded and felt I should fill in the picture a little more. I have
also followed up on all of the Iowa contacts and hope something can
develop there. I was also contacted by a gentleman from the list here,
Gary, and if we can get the transportation coordinated, that looks to
be the best yet.

God bless those of you who have dedicated your life to helping these
Felv kitties. I've realized more than ever why it is pretty unrealistic
of me to keep her.

The house in which I currently live is not mine---it is a shared housing
situation while I wait for my name to come up on one of the lists for
subsidized Senior housing to which I have applied. The rest of the house
would appreciate their bathroom back, which my landlord has informed me

Caring indefinitely for a cat (or possibly two) with a major disease
such as this is totally unrealistic for a low-income Senior living on SS
only. Reading about the numerous tests, supplements, treatments, etc. it
is obvious how quickly things can add up. Realistically, it's just not
manageable for me at all. For those of you in different circumstances,
I think it's wonderful that you have chosen to use the resources you
have to make a difference for these kitties. 

My cat has not been vaccinated for this and even if she were, the
vaccine is generally 90% effective. Even tho Velvet is currently
healthy, that may not necessarily be the case and could change rapidly
at any time. She is a very Senior cat at 17 yrs. old and has
outlasted her two other "sisters" even with a heart murmur. However, I
could not live with myself if she were in the unlucky 10% and ended up
with this disease due to my decision to expose her to it.

I guess I could be faulted by some for her not being vaccinated, but
that's just a result of my risk-benefits ratio evaluation of
vaccinations for adult cats in general (kittens with undeveloped
immune systems is a totally different scenario) With the accumulating
evidence for the various cancers stemming from yearly vaccinations, I
just felt that it was better for MY cats to by-pass being vaccinated
for something they would not encounter. Other people do differently
for their cats as is their right.

For all the time I have had various cats over the years, they have
always been totally indoor-only cats. It has always been a "closed
system" The only way for them to be exposed to something is if I
introduce it. And as unbelievable as it may sound, no cat of mine has
gotten out of my door unawares even tho one was a dedicated escape
artist who felt she just HAD to go thru every open door, even a closet
door. :) Velvet has zero interest (I guess her time as a stray prior to
the SPCA was enough of a trauma so the streets hold no allure.)

The best and most realistic thing that I can do for Binxy is to make a
reasonable attempt to find someone who can care for her and if that
fails then be sure that she is euthanized peacefully via injection
rather than that horrendous vaccuum chamber or gas which can cause such
needless suffering.

For me to do otherwise would be just plain foolish---I can't spend money
I don't have to save one cat while there are probably hundreds, if not
thousands, of other healthy cats within an hours drive being euthanized
every day for no reason other than no more room or no more time. I can't
save all of them, but I can save one. This is why I don't adopt
kittens--they have very little difficulty finding a home. Once they are
past the cute stage, very few potential adopters want to deal with them.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts after sleeping on it and thinking. I will
do my best to find a caring and knowledgeable home for Binxy within the
next week. That's the primary reason I wrote to this list. I think you
folks who are raising these cats against great odds are wonderful, but I
just don't have the resources to be able to manage it. But, I'm an
optimist at heart and believe in the power of prayer and if it's meant
to be, then it will happen.

Thanks for caring. Caroline



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