Hello, everyone,
This coming Friday the last of my 5 FeLV- cats will get his booster.  Then I 
will wait the appropriate amount of time and release Buzz from his prison room 
into the general population.  I am scared to death.  I would rather continue to 
keep them seperate but Buzz is crazy to escape his room every time we open the 
door and the time I spend behind the closed door with him is taking away from 
my family, not to mention the other cats.   My question is this;  is there 
anything anyone knows of besides the vaccinations that I can do for my other 
cats that may help to protect them?  They are all being fed the Wellness canned 
food.  Buzz will soon be getting a vitamin suppliment that is supposed to boost 
the immune systems of FeLV+ cats  that my vet found, but I doubt if it does 
anything to stop the virus from shedding.  Any advise would be appreciated.

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