I have had several who loved catnip and more (especially ferals) who thought it was for the birds. Susan has some very good remedies for teeth problems. She has been very helpful with Dixie.......the only problem she has has tooth related and it may be because of the time she spent on the streets alone/not FeLV related. Who knows? I would encourage you to contact her or Dr. Boswell. Even Dixie relaxes with them.

On Apr 9, 2008, at 7:25 PM, Sue & Frank Koren wrote:

I went to Dr. Maier's website & it looks like she could be of some help. Not just for Buzz but also for one of my negatives, Tucker, who has a problem with his immune system attacking the bacteria on his teeth. He has had all but his two top front canines removed and he still has sores in his mouth. My vet doesn't know what else to do for him. I went out and purchased something called a Comfort Zone diffuser tonight that says it has Feliway. Maybe it will help Buzz chill out. Funny thing is, he doesn't like catnip. I have heard that there are cats that don't but he is the first one I have ever know of.
Thanks for your help,
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If you have a good holistic vet around check with her. If not you might want to consult with Susan Maier.... http://www.horizonvetserv.com/ or Dr. E. . Boswell 502.499.9663. Both do phone consultations and have had wonderful results with FeLV+ cats. Both are "real" vets who use alternative medicines. I know and love both of them. Dixie sees Dr. Boswell regularly and Dr. Maier on occasion (a matter of convenience for me and I've known Dr. Boswell for 15 or so years). I know you are scared.

From my point of view, I use colostrum to boost immunity. Dr. Maier is able to get it for me in capsules and Just Born has it in the powder. Dixie is an only cat right now but she has had company from a cat that spent the winter on the porch. My concern was boosting her immunity as well as his. She eats Primal Raw, Wellness, and a few other no grain, high protein foods with extra veggies.

Try Feliway spray in the room Buzz is in and add a catnip plant. It may help him. And don't forget his immune system either.
Good luck.

On Apr 9, 2008, at 7:39 AM, Sue Koren wrote:

Hello, everyone,
This coming Friday the last of my 5 FeLV- cats will get his booster. Then I will wait the appropriate amount of time and release Buzz from his prison room into the general population. I am scared to death. I would rather continue to keep them seperate but Buzz is crazy to escape his room every time we open the door and the time I spend behind the closed door with him is taking away from my family, not to mention the other cats. My question is this; is there anything anyone knows of besides the vaccinations that I can do for my other cats that may help to protect them? They are all being fed the Wellness canned food. Buzz will soon be getting a vitamin suppliment that is supposed to boost the immune systems of FeLV+ cats that my vet found, but I doubt if it does anything to stop the virus from shedding. Any advise would be appreciated.

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