Both are at health food stores or on line and both are wonderful. If you get with Dr. Maier she can help you.
On Apr 9, 2008, at 7:41 PM, Sue & Frank Koren wrote:

Hi,Kat -
I looked for colostrum at the pet store this evening but couldn't find it. Maybe online. I will look for the Rescue Remedy, too. I wonder if it comes in bubble bath form. :)

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Hi Sue,

(I mostly lurk these days, but have been around for a long time..)

To help your other cats, you will want to keep their immune systems as strong as possible. So almost everything you do for Buzz will help the others too. The high quality food, the kitty vitamins, using lactoferrin or colostrum or DMG, reducing the amount of stress, etc, will help all of
your kitties.

If you are worried about introductory hissy fits, you can start now by rubbing your kitties with a towel (to get their scent on it) and putting it in Buzz's room, and rubbing Buzz with another towel to get the others used to his scent. Also, you can put a dab of vanilla flavoring on the back of each kitty's neck & at the base of their tails to help them all
smell alike when you finally let Buzz out.  I have also heard people
recommend Feliway (either the plug-ins or the spray, or both) to help
reduce stress/anxiety during introductions - start using this a few days before letting them mix. Rescue Remedy can also help. You can put it in their water or rub some onto their ears/paws, and you can even take some
to help you relax too!

Kat (mew Jersey)

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Hello, everyone, This coming Friday the last of my 5 FeLV- cats will
get his booster. Then I will wait the appropriate amount of time and
release Buzz from his prison room into the general population.  I am
scared to death.  I would rather continue to keep them seperate but
Buzz is crazy to escape his room every time we open the door and the
time I spend behind the closed door with him is taking away from my
family, not to mention the other cats. My question is this; is there anything anyone knows of besides the vaccinations that I can do for my other cats that may help to protect them? They are all being fed the Wellness canned food. Buzz will soon be getting a vitamin suppliment that is supposed to boost the immune systems of FeLV+ cats that my vet
found, but I doubt if it does anything to stop the virus from
shedding.  Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Sue

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