I first joined this group a year ago in regards to a double-positive Mom and
her kittens.

All kittens cleared FIV, remained + for Leuk.  Only the two who stayed
together remain, and one has crashed hard.

I am not his caretaker but what I know is, he had a dental a little over a
month ago due to stomatitis (lots of drooling & mouth pain).   That went
well, then a few days ago he crashed very hard, not eating, not drinking,
crying in pain...losing weight rapidly.

He is to go to the vet today, but has anyone pulled a Leukemia+ kitty
through a serious crash?   We are looking into Imulan but right now the
caregiver fears he is suffering and can't wait for treatment.   We don't
want him to die on IV's in a hospital.   His little Sister is very close to
him, we always thought she'd go first as she's so much more fragile, we are
so scared of not just losing this precious kitty, but also how it will
affect his Sister.  Hobbs' caretaker loves him very, very much and the
prospect of losing him is very painful for her.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you for listening-


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