Hello everyone, 

We've had some recent problems with our list host. So, I 
moved us to a more reliable service. For those who would 
like to change their setting for this list (digest, nomail, 
unsub, etc.), please follow this link: 
Scroll all the way down to the bottom and enter your email 
address. You'll then be instructed on what to do next. If 
you have any questions/comments about all of this, please 
feel free to contact me directly at: [EMAIL PROTECTED]  
and I'll assist you as best I can. Take care, and best 
wishes to all.

James G. Wilson - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
http://www.felineleukemia.org (FeLV Research & Support)
http://www.3partharmony.com (3PartHarmony Productions)
http://www.myspace.com/wilsonjamesg (My Space Page)
http://wx.3partharmony.com (Weather for Edwardsville, IL)

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