Much as I can't stand them, you might want to try Best Friends.  It would be
a sanctuary with other FELV+ cats and he would have an opportunity to be

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Caroline Kaufmann <

>  Hi everyone.  I am looking for a home for a foster of mine.  He's a 1 year
> old black and brown DSH named Manny and he's the sweetest, friendliest boy
> ever!  I just love him.  But since I foster other cats who are all Felv
> negative, it's not the best situation for him.  I have only a downstairs
> room for him and it doesn't have a real door on it- it's more like a closet
> door that slides open.  Until we can get a real door put on (which is not
> going to be cheap), we have to keep him in the condo in the room for most of
> the day because he can "bust out" of the room.  He loves other cats, so he
> will try to play with my felv neg. fosters when he busts out, so I have to
> make sure that doesn't happen.  He would love to be in a home with another
> felv+ cat because he loves other cats and he needs a buddy.  He loves his
> people too and he wants nothing more than to follow me around and do chores
> all over the house, but he can't.
> We just had him tested a second time (snap test) Sat. and he was positive
> again.  Sigh.  If anyone is interested or knows anyone who might be
> interested, please let me know.  I've had him a couple of months now and
> have taken very good care of him.  He's put on weight and he is very
> muscular and strong.  He's doing so well.  I just really want him to have a
> chance at a real life.
> thanks
> caroline k.
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