Sorry if this is too OT but I'm desperate!  We are desperately looking for
Houdini, a rescued gsd mix who got lost on Wed. 6/4/08.  Below is her
posting-if anyone has any suggestions on who we might contact to help look
for her-she bolted in an area full of woods and may be hiding in there...
This little one has been through sooooo much and now I know she's just
hiding, so scared...


Houdini is a spayed German Shepherd Mix with dark fur and tan highlights.
She was rescued from a bad situation and may be afraid of people.  She is
very gentle but very shy.  She may have a harness on and a trailing lead.
She bolted when she got scared by a truck backfire.


Lost between Old Farm & Summer Meadow, Durham 27704 on Wednesday afternoon,
June 4,2008.


PLEASE keep an eye out for her.  Wonderful people from all over the country
helped save Houdini and Morgan (her very best doggy friend).  She just
finished her heartworm treatment and has an adoptive home waiting for her.
She does not know the area and may have trouble finding her way home.
Houdini is microchipped.


If you even think you see her, call Julius Bartell 919-698-8299 or 620-9898
immediately or e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] .  If she is hurt, you can
bring her to her vet, Durham Animal Hospital, 4306 N. Roxbury Rd, Durham or
to any vet for emergency treatment.  


This is a video that tells Houdini's and Morgan (her best friend) story:



Christiane Biagi


Cell:  914-720-6888



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