That is also what I did with Cody, we started with the most 
commonly used of the drugs (amytriptaline), we tried 2 or 3 before 
trying the prozac, they all helped but only the prozac stopped it 

> I tried amytriptaline (that's probably spelled wrong!) on Ruben for 
> inappropriate urination.....I now believe that it was his first signs 
> that something was wrong with him internally....
> My daughter used the same drug (we had it compounded into a cream we 
> could rub into the ear...pilling was out of the question) on one of 
> her male cats...her cat became more calm, but I'm not sure it 
> completely solved the problem.
> I have heard people are having great results with the plug ins that 
> release certain pheremones that are calming, but I haven't tried them 
> yet myself.
> Good luck, it's one of a cat owner's biggest problems!!


happiness is being owned by cats ...

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