I think the cat is being given a chance at a decent life right now.  It just 
isn't affordable for the average person to give these cats access to all the 
treatments.  If the kittie has a happy household, good food and access to 
medical care when necessary, what more could you ask for.  Of course if he 
should become seriously ill, well we know the answer.  The rescue we got our 
Snowy from is really struggling financially now.  Our purchase included the 
spay fee but we said, forget that, we'll pay for it ourselves.  That money can 
be put to a lot better use for food, antibiotics etc for the others.

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  Hi guys,

  The off-topic part:  We are trying to think of "catchy" names for our new 
service where we take the pets of low-income people for basic vet care (I.e. 
spay/neuter, rabies shot, etc).

  The on topic part of this:  as some of you read, one of the kitties we had 
neutered through this program turned out double pos.  So my question is:  How 
far should we really go with this cat?  He has a home, the owners cannot afford 
special care for him, I'm not sure it makes any difference if he is really + or 
not.  We got the other cat in the household vaccinated and boostered.  The 
problem is that the more we do for any individual cat, the less we can do for 
other cats.  

  As a nonprofit we can get a discount on SNAP tests, but not (that I know of) 
IFA tests.  

  I wish we could do everything for every cat, but clearly we can't do that...

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