Lynne, it took mine a day to recover from the surgery but they were younger 
than Snowy.  The raspy voice could be due to the anesthetic.  Mine are 
generally ticked off at me after a vet visit and want to be left alone.  I had 
Stormie in for vaccines Monday.  She spent the rest of the day hiding behind 
the sofa.  
If I remember correctly the vet said to offer water and a small amount of food 
after the neutering surgery.  What pain med did the vet give you?  Please do 
not give Snowy Metacam.  It is only FDA approved for a single shot for cats.  
Oral doses cause approx. 30% to go into acute kidney failure.  There are other 
pain meds for kitties without the risk of ARF.
Glad she is home.
Sharyl Sissy and Rocket

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Subject: help please
Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 7:21 PM

For those of you have had female cats, at what point should I be alarmed about 
their health.  Snowy was spayed today.  The vet said all went well.  She seemed 
very pleased and ok on the way home.  Since then she has become very somber, 
with her mouth slightly open and I swear I can hear a raspiness in her throat.  
She won't even let me touch her and has retreated to upstairs.  She has had 
some drinks of water, a lot actually when we first got home.  My vet is not 
available this evening and my only alternative is to take her to the emergency 
clinic which I hate with a pasion.  The vet there is a complete jerk.  The fact 
that he couldn't put BooBoo to sleep fast enough has a lot to do with it. I 
just don't know if this is normal behaviour for after this kind of surgery or 
something is very wrong.  She looks angry or in pain.  I can't give her any 
pain medication until tomorrow morning.  They gave her an injection before we 
left today. I've put
 in a call to her foster mother hoping she can give me some advice but of 
course the way things go she isn't home.
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