Heather, I don't even know how to respond to all this tragedy you and the 
others have been going through, except to say I'm so sorry and I feel some of 
your pain.  The only comfort I get is knowing that these little dears must have 
known love in their final hours and somehow it made them happy.  It makes me 
tear up just thinking of them.

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  With much sadness, I wanted to share with everyone that Hobbs' sister, Sissy, 
has  now joined him.   The loss of her dear brother affected Sissy very much, 
which was to be expected as they were quite bonded, and she began to take a 
similar road as Hobbs did in his final days.   Their people-Mom Jann had wanted 
to avoid Sissy suffering as she felt Hobbs did, and had planned for her to 
cross this morning, though unfortunately they had a very bad night, and stayed 
the night in the garage together, where Sissy had actually been spending a lot 
of time lately.

  I apologize that I haven't been active since the outpouring of support from 
you all regarding the loss of Hobbs, unfortunately the following week we lost 
another FELV+ rescue, Shennanigans (whom a friend in another city had given a 
home to for these last 3 months), and also a dear Torti rescue named Freckles 
who we found living in a woman's yard, very ill and with an old & very 
uncomfortable injury.   She was such a sweet, beautiful kitty and her spirit 
really touched us all very much, a rescue was assisting with her medical care 
but force feeding with her injury was very stressful for Freckles, and her 
caregiver, and given the severity of her illness (which prevented her from 
being a candidate for surgery for her long-healed injury, unless she made a 
remarkable recovery), they felt it was best to release her from her pain.   I 
found out after the fact and have struggled with it ever since as I feel I 
didn't do enough for her, soon enough, and wonder if things could have been 

  Shennanigans was a beautiful little charcoal grey long haired kitty whom we 
found outside at my vets, likely dumped around Febuary.   She appeared to be 
only 4 - 5 months old, though we aren't really sure.   The woman who she went 
to live with said her vet thought she might be older than we initially thought, 
she wasn't spayed when we found her and I still think she was a pretty young 
kitty.   Her initial FELV test was a "weak"+.

  I really should have posted about Shennanigans here but was fairly numb with 
all of the loss.    I was not the direct caregiver, but the rescuer, for these 
kitties so can only imagine what my friends have been going through as they 
loved them all dearly.   Even if it was only for 3 months, I know Shennanigans 
spent those last 3 months sleeping in a bed with someone, though she was afraid 
of the other cats.

  What Jann did for Hobbs and Sissy, giving two little FELV+ kittens a home 
which is so hard to find, I will be eternally grateful for.    I hate the pain 
it's caused her, yet she is such a giving soul and does nothing but thank me 
for entrusting her with their care and for the precious time she had with them 
over this last year.   While I am always full of doubts as to how I handle 
things, I am so confident in the wonderful, loving happy lives they had with 
Jann, no matter how short.   I just hate how painful the "end" has been.   She 
still has their Mother, a double+ kitty I found at my "new" job with an eye & 
ear injury, she has outlived all of her kittens--I found them all last April 
under a trailer behind my new office.   I had moved accross campus after almost 
20 years in the same building, and kept looking for a "sign from God" as to 
whether I should make the move...when I found Mom & her babies, and their 
testing status, I knew had anyone else found them they'd most likely have 
immediately been put down, and that they were the "sign" I was looking for.

  We also have a new Leuk+ rescue, this poor kitty had scabies so bad his eyes 
were crusted shut (and still are quite infected), a friend made a heroic rescue 
standing on a truck and plucking this kitty out of a tree, and it hit hard when 
we found out he was leuk+.   We are still looking for a home for him, and he is 
still boarding at the vets being treated (3 weeks now), but we are glad we've 
had the chance to give him the chance he deserves to feel good love and care.

  Well I am sorry as this must be a very sad update...but I know you all will 
keep Sissy, Hobbs, Shennangans, and Jann & Kate the loving humans they've left 
behind, in your close thoughts and prayers.   Please add them to the candle 
light memorial service.

  Thank you all for giving kitties with leukemia a chance, no one should have 
to lose the chance to know love just because of what is in their blood.

  Tampa, FL


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