Hey Belinda,
  This has been lost in cyberspace several times.  I'm hoping it comes through 
with the new server.
  Bob's numbers:
  creatnine 2.5
  bun 16
  phosphorus 4.5
  potassium 4.1
  HCT 37.9
  Other numbers that were noted as high were:
  urea nitrogen 40
  cholesterol 269
  amylase 1440
  we have put him on the new science diet kd canned (it has a better 
consistency and it is the only one out of about 4 we've tried that he will 
eat.) 100 mL of fluid per week.
  and yes, he has high blood pressure and we have him on norvasc 2.5 mg daily
  plus the vet has recommended cosequin for joints and said it actually helps 
the kidneys (i can't read the dosage it's written so small on the capsules and 
i can't find the box.  i have a hard time getting them down him though so he 
doesn't take them with much regularity.)
  how does all of this sound to you.
  I need to put lysine in the wet food for sneaker's herpes. the vet said this 
would not hurt bob's kidneys. what do you think about that?

Belinda Sauro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  What are his numbers, specifically his Creatinine, BUN, 
Phosphorus, Potassium, and his HCT, these are the important ones that 
tell you how well or not well he is doing? Get them from your vet, they 
can fax or give you a copy of his last blood work results, you paid for 
them they are yours. Tell me what they are and I can tell you what my 
vet would be doing if Fred had those numbers. Also has his blood 
pressure been checked, CRF cats are notorious for getting high blood 
pressure, this can be very dangerous and cause blindness if not caught 
and treated. Several cats on the CRF list have gone blind been put on 
amlodipine and regained some if not all of their sight. The retinas 
detach when the blood pressure gets too high, too high can vary for each 
individual cat but you really don't want the blood pressure higher than 
170 or 180 at the vets.

Fred's has been as high as 200 to 240 when he was having the episode 
that I took him in for right away, thankfully his retinas never detached 
but I got him in right away when his legs were twitching and he kind of 
looked spacey and fell over.

Get the numbers and send them ... does he still get fluids?


happiness is being owned by cats ...


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