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Lysine as far as I know isn't going to hurt his kidney's, never heard that Cosquin helps them, Fred gets this for his arthritis too. He gets the pink and white capsules, my vet said I could go with 1 or 2 a day depending on how Fred's arthritis seemed to be. He currently get 1 because he gets so much stuff now already, that seems to be enough for him. They really need to be given everyday though, they take up to 6 weeks to make a difference. I've never seen a BUN that low if it is correct, *what are his liver values like*?

    * Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) - Urea, which is normally excreted by
      the kidney, is a by-product of protein metabolism.

       1. High levels of BUN may be the result of a high protein diet,
          dehydration, ulcers in the digestive tract, kidney disease,
          or blockage of the normal flow of urine (from a crystal or
          mucus plug, for example).
       2. Low BUN levels can result from a low protein diet or liver

I wouldn't worry so much about the low protein diet, my vet said she didn't get them on that until the end stages when they were a lot worse than Bob is, Fred doesn't eat that stuff and he does fine. He eats Fancy Feast, home cooked or baby food with supplements. He has been CRF for over 2 years now and his last blood work like I said was really good, almost normal. Mainly you want to keep the phosphorus under 6, mid 4's if good and the potassium solidly in the mid to high 4's. Low potassium can cause back leg muscle weakness and isn't good for the heart. I agree that 100cc of fluid a week is not going to do much good. If Bob is dehydrated I would give him between 50 and 100cc a day, if he isn't he doesn't need any fluids. Fred even when his numbers are low is dehydrated and needs 100cc a day.

Fred has lost pretty much all the muscle in both back legs now, he still gets around OK just can't use them to scratch or anything else. He is starting to lose a bit of weight so I have to really keep on him to eat, he is getting lazy and if the food is not right there in front of him he will go without, so I have to remember to make sure he has food wherever he is laying.

It's almost time for more blood work, kind of afraid of what it is going to say though, it was really good last time, so I hope it is still good.


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