Me too re vet click and also the FAQs.

Great site. Very attractive and lots of helpful topics. Thanks for all your
work on this!



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James, you and Belinda have done a great job updating the web site.  

I kept getting an error message when clicking on the veterinary directory

Sorry I couldn't donate more.

Thanks for everything you are doing to help us help our kitties.

Sharyl Sissy Rocket and Daisy's babies

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Hey all,
I've finally gotten around to updating our FeLV website 
(with Belinda's help). You can check it out at:  
I hope that it is easier to read and loads a bit faster. If 
anyone wishes to help update the content of the site, 
please let me and/or Belinda know privately. Reluctantly, 
I've added a donations page to the site to help offset my 
out-of-pocket costs for maintaining the site. Best wishes.
James G. Wilson - [EMAIL PROTECTED] (FeLV Research & Support) (My Space Page)
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