it IS you, i thought it was my imagination!!!!!

this is my FRIEND!!!!!!! oh, joy, oh, happiness, oh, never mind, you guys
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On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 10:24 AM, Debbie Harrison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>  Sharyl, since I am new to this site...I can offer little in the way of
> advise right now.  I just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing
> for them!
> Debbie (COL)
> "You gotta bloom where you're planted!"
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> Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 07:21:44 -0700
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Introducing Daisy's Babies
>   I have been feeding a dumpster colony of kitties for several months with
> the goal of doing TNR (trap/neuter/release) for those that I can not
> rescue.  Of the 3 kittens I rescued 2, Sissy and Rocket, were FeLV+.  They
> are about 9 months old now and are doing well.  Both have test positive
> twice.
> Their sister, Daisy, had a litter before I was able to TNR her.  The
> kittens were approx. 4 weeks old when I got them.  I took them because 1 had
> both eyes stuck shut and 1 had 1 eye stuck shut.  The next day I was finally
> able to trap Daisy using a kitten as bait in the carrier.    Daisy has since
> been spayed and released.  The babies have received one worm treatment, got
> terramycin salve in their eyes for a week, and have lysine added to their
> food.
> It appears that Mattie will be blind.  She is the biggest of the 4 and very
> feisty.   I had her tested and the vet said she was very, very, very FeLV+.
> No idea what 3 verys mean.  CJ may have some limited vision in her bad eye.
> Bright Eyes and Houdini (escaped from the dog crate twice now) seem healthy.
>   I am adding L-Lysine and Mega C Plus to their food.  I am looking for
> advice on what else I can do to help them throw off this virus.
> They will each be tested when I have them spayed.   Sissy and Rocket were
> several months old when I rescued them.  Didn't know if starting treatments
> earlier would improve the odds that they could beat this.   Any advise on
> how to proceed with now 5 1/2 wk old kittens would be appreciated.
> By the way Stormie, same colony but different Mom from Sissy, Rocket and
> Daisy, tested negative.  I did not have Daisy tested.  I knew I could not
> afford to keep her if she was positive and simply do not have the
> disposition to have a cat PTS simply because she is positive.   At least she
> will not have any more litters.  There is one more sister, Mae, that I have
> been trying to trap for TNR.
> Sharyl Sissy, Rocket and the babies
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