How many clothespins did you use? I tried 2.  Also you did say you were feeding 
him fancy feast?  What kind?

Belinda Sauro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Yes I did that with Fred he would turn around and bite me, so we did 
the clothes pins. He didn't get all mellow and happy BUT he couldn't 
reach me to bite me so after using the clothes pins for a week or so he 
just gave up and decided to give in. Now I just go pick him up and 
carry him to the couch, we do the fluids and the second I shut the 
roller off stopping the fluids he is gone, but he is good while we are 
doing them, just lays there. Every once in a while he'll still make a 
half hearted attempt to get up before we are done but all I do is put my 
hand on his chest and tell him not yet and he lays back down. Of course 
Fred has been getting daily fluids for almost 2 years now!!


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