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If he is FIV not FeLV then you are better off. FIV cats live long lives with
some health issues. FIV is mostly spread through bites. So as long as he is
neutered and does not fight you should be able to mix him assuming he has
FIV and not FeLV. Good nutrition is important in either case feed the best
you can afford, reduce stress and love him. There is a great FIV group in
the yahoo groups. it is FIVhealthscience you may want to join that group as
On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 1:58 PM, April and Jay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself and my FIV+ Boy M&M.  This whole
> FIV thing is very new to us and we would love any advice about it. M&M was a
> stray. My neighbor started feeding him and when thy moved we took over. When
> we decided to move we took him with us. Having more room we wanted to make
> him part of our rag tag crew. We kept him separate from the other cats we
> have and got him tested. That's when we got the sad news. We waited a year
> and got him retested and he is still positive. But we still want to bring
> him into the house(he's in a camper right now). I would love to hear about
> anyone experiences with this and what steps to take to keep everyone safe.
> Thanks!
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