I am very familiar with the area as I'm from Erie, PA!
I don't know of a vet in Erie itself but can get him the name of a vet who is 
VERY cheap just outside Clymer, NY if he is interested. Depending on where he 
lives in Erie that might be too much of a drive. You are more than welcome to 
pass my email address along to him.
An aunt of mine uses him and has been very happy with his services.

Someone on another list is looking for an inexpensive vet so that he can take 
in a stray he has found living outside his house in Erie.  He just lost a cat 
to crf and took in 2 new cats from the shelter and can't afford a lot to help 
this new Tom who just showed up.  Anyone familiar with the area?  I'm in GA and 
have no clue where Erie even is except I suspect it's near Lake Erie. lol.

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