Thanx Marylyn,
I really appreciate the info. I never tried to stop the ferals from coming into 
my yards, they usually come to drink from my pool but if I went out there they 
scrambled. I dont know how many there are, but have seen about 10 to 12
Trixter was a love and am still missing him terribly, I am sry about about 
Dixie Louise. 
The other 3 Micki Kitty 17yrs, Cocoa 5yrs and Tink almost 1 who was also 
bitten tested negative but will have to have them retested in 3 months per vets 
Again Thanx for the info,
Regards Sharon

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Check with Alley Cat Advocates or any TNR group in your area.  Consider them a 
feral colony.  They will help you.  Live trapping is easy.  Just remember to be 
very careful.  A feral bit my finger and broke it.....and, two surgeries later, 
it is doing fine.  Luckily I had good insurance.  And still had possession of 
the cat so she could be spayed and quarantined for the appropriate amount of 
time.  If your cats really want to be outside, put up a dog kennel so they can 
go thru the pet door into the kennel.  It is great.  With farmland, 
you probably have fox and coyote.  They will kill a cat in a heart beat.  My 
Mom has ferals (people dump them in the strip mall behind her property) and she 
has to be concerned about the hawks.  I just got a very small kitten from the 
pine thicket.  She is in the bedroom now, napping.  All of this is to say, be 
careful with your own cats.  I did not realize all the dangers when I moved to 
the farm.  I
 had hoped to have lots of cared for outside cats. That probably won't happen.  
Help the ferals you can.  Mom has had a couple of dozen spayed/neutered and 
released.  Some stay, some go.  It is very hard when they go and all you can do 
is hope they found a good place to live.  ACA has a good website with lots of 
information re caring for ferals.

I am very sorry Trixter left this world.  I just lost Dixie Louise.  She made 
my life so much better though.  I would not have missed one second of the time 
we had together.  Not a nano second.

Good luck.     

On Jul 24, 2008, at 11:18 AM, Sharon Harden wrote:

Hi All,
I am new to Felv and just lost my Trixter to this awful Disease. I want to 
thank all of you for the information I have been reading from you all.
I have many ferals around my house because of the 3 fields that surround me. I 
have talked to the farmer but he is not interested in trying to help me help 
his cats. I have had to close up my cat door to protect my other 3.


I dont know anything about rounding them up and would hate to catch them just 
to be put to death. Any suggestions.

Regards to all, Sharon
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