This is what has confused me.  
1.) If the feral queen is presumed positive, how long should you wait after 
separating the queen and kittens before testing the kittens?
2.) If the queen is positive, can the kittens, over time, 'throw off' the 
3.) If the 1st ELISA test is positive, how long should you wait before doing a 
follow up IFA test?   
I'm in a rural area.  No vets in my county.  The next county has 2 vet 
clinics.  One believes in PTS for any kitten that test positive and euthanizing 
the entire feral colony.  The other believes in ELISA retesting after 1 month.  
PTS is out of the question for cats/kittens that appear to be healthy and one 
month just doesn't seem long enough.  So I rely on groups like this for 

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i've never gotten a straight answer to this question, tho a recent article i 
read--remember, i'm in the process of compiling an up-to-date list, so i read 
things, save the links, and will go back and actually organize them later, so i 
DON'T have the links right now--said that, because of what the test tests, the 
antigens instead of antibodies, kittens can be tested at any age.

if there's anyone who can explain this to those of us who are doing our best to 
be scientists when we really aren't, i know that i would appreciate it!

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Could someone remind me of the age when testing kittens for Felv is. I
have some 8 week old kittens, Miss'Tache, Gilbert, Perry, and Eeyore,
born to a feral queen, queen is untested. My rescue group wants to test
them real soon.

I also have former tom cat who has tested positive for Felv via a snap
test, he is in a different room from the kittens and from my cats. As of
right now he is not showing any symptoms. He is a sweetheart, I think he
is a dumped cat left to fend for himself.



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