Thanks, Sally,
Buzz seems to be breathing fast, but I am not sure how he usually breaths.  
Like you said, panic mode.  My husband is taking him at 10:40 am today because 
I am working.  I want to be there so badly!  
---- Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

HI Sue

I am sorry Buzz is not well. I am not sure what to tell you to ask the vet.
There are so many things I should have asked, but i was clueless. Sometimes
I think I tortured Junior needlessly because I was in panic mode.  Be calm
and listen his life depends on you. You can check his gums to see if they
are pale. Anemia is common. As my vet told me b4 Junior was dx with Felv,
hemabartenella can be caused by just one flea. It is treatable. How is his

I will keep you and Buzz in my prayers.



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