The concern with giving iron to a cat who doesn't need it is the effects of 
iron build up.  The B vitamins including folic acid are water soluble and 
really can't be overdosed.  The same is not true for iron.  In layman 
terms there are issues giving iron to a cat with a infection.  Infections feed 
on iron so the body sequesters the iron.  You don't want to make it harder for 
the body to fight off the infection.  Please understand I do not have a medical 

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I was curious about the mention of wishing cats could take 
searched the web and found this:

Some veterinarians recommend giving a cat iron supplements, not as a cure, 
but rather as a preventative to ensure the production of healthy red blood 
cells. Certain steroids can help in stimulating the appetite and there are 
also drugs that appear to stimulate the production of erythropoietin.

It was part of an article on feline anemia written by a Donna Reynolds. 
Just thought it was interesting.

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> Buzz has a red blood count of 8, the vet says it should be 30.  She gave 
> him a steriod shot.  She says we could choose to give him a transfusion 
> but that would only be a temporary fix and very expensive.  He also has a 
> bad heart murmer.  Right now I am just trying to by time to look into 
> optiions.  I am very much against making a cat go through a lot of painful

> procedures just to buy a month or two.  They just don't understand why
> are doing it to them.  Why can't cats take iron pills like anemic
> do?  So many questions...
> Thanks,
> Sue
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