um, why would someone back down because he was positive?

is he in good condition? does he seem to have been a stray for a long time,
or does it appear he might have recently joined the outside world? if its
the latter, he quite possibly is testing positive to recent EXPOSURE, and
will clear the virus as many healthy adult cats will. The Merck Veterinary
Manual -Feline Leukemia Virus and Related Diseases:

there's very little anyone on a list can do in a couple of hours; the vet,
however, ought to know that every single veterinary group and all the vet
schools say not to accept a single test as definitive for FeLV, and that
what is needed is a safe place to hold the kitty for retesting.

all a FeLV positive needs, if the cats in the house aren't vaccinated, is a
room of his own, or a condo-cage--it's not airborne, and unless he's
sneezing profusely, which doesn't seem to be the case, he's not going to
infect anyone.

i'm sure we're all wracking our brains for folks in SC who might have
positives or vaccinated cats, but this isn't giving the poor cat much time!


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> My TNR friend has picked up a male cat and took him to the vet and found
> him to be leuk pos.   She had a home lined up and of course she backed out
> when she found out he was leuk pos.  The vet is holding him a few hours
> before he pts.  My friend has over 30 cats at her home.  I have 21.  This
> cat is a short haired gray tabby with an orange eye and a golden/green eye.
> He's very friendly, very sweet and a talker.  Just talks up a blue streak!
> I guess you've all been through this at one time or another but it's
> heartbreaking.
> He's very symptoms.  Does anyone have room for this baby boy?
> My e-mail address is [EMAIL PROTECTED]  My work phone # is
> 803-734-6364.
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