Try some liver. I gave it to a wonderful dog who was anemic and it helped. There are some vitamins (Pet Tinic comes to mind) that has iron in it too.

Just ideas but sometimes we have to try whatever gives us any hope. Dixie developed anemia very quickly. It was regenerative but the suddenness and severity took her from me before we could get it reversed. She had wonderful care from her regular vets and from her holistic vet. If you have access to a holistic/alternative vet, you might contact her to see what she recommends.

Good luck to you both. Remember, though, that the important thing is the love you give and the time you spend with your little friend.
On Jul 28, 2008, at 6:21 PM, Sue & Frank Koren wrote:

    Hello everyone -
Today I got doxycycline from the vet. It came in 50mg capsules which I have to open up and divide in two. I mix half with water and give it to Buzzy in a syringe. Half a capsule every 12 hours. Tomorrow he goes for some kind of protein test and possibly set him up with a specialist for a transfusion. When I questioned the vet she said his anemia is not the non- regenerative kind. Doesn't that mean there is more hope? He is still eating fairly well. I have cooked him chicken, and I am mixing some vitamins in with tuna. I feed him a little bit as often as I can; he seems to eat more that way. In a little while I will take him out on the deck to sit in my lap for
    a while.  He loves smelling the fresh air.
I hope this message goes through to the list, this is my fourth try.
    Thanks for all the help, more suggestions are still appreciated.

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