Sue, I am so happy that this vet is much more open to helping Buzz and 
knowlegeable!  That is so, so valuable, not only to help Buzz, but to keep your 
hope alive as well.  You are so right about the difference in vets.  Hugs going 
out to little Buzz.  :) Wendy

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change 
the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade 

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Hello everyone - Last Friday when Buzz sick I had to settle for one of the vets 
who works in the practice to check him because the husband and wife team I 
normaly go to were on vacation.  She pretty much said Buzz was anemic and there 
was no hope for him.  She gave him a cortizone shot and sent him home saying to 
give a call when it was time to euthanize.  Thanks to the advise of some of the 
people on this list I called back and demanded Dolycycline.
Yesterday Dr. Tom was back.  I had Buzzy re-tested in the morning (his level 
had gone from 8 to 11) and had a conference with Dr. Tom at 5:00 yesterday.  He 
spent an hour talking with me about all the possible options and explaining how 
each one worked and what the benefits and drawbacks were of each plan.  He was 
very happy that Buzz was on Doxycycline.  When I left the office he had 
promised to look into some of the options and get back to me.  Two hours later 
I received a call from him.  He had spent all that time researching some of the 
options we had talked about, including prednisone, and Epogen, B vitamins and 
Niacinamide.  Now Buzz is still on the Doxycycline and has started with 
prednisone.  Dr. Tom is going to order the Epogen and find out about the 
availability of Niacinamide.
It is so great to have such a wonderful person and doctor available who cares 
so much and takes the time to explain things. The only thing I can't figure out 
is why he keeps that other vet in his practice.  
This morning Buzz was still pretty tired but he ate a lot of the tuna I mixed 
up for him with the multi-vitamin in it.  My mother-in-law lives with us and 
she will continue to offer him food every couple of hours until I get home from 
work to spoil him.  Every evening we have been going out on the deck where I 
cuddle him and give him Reiki treatments.  Even if things don't work out, now I 
know that at least he is getting a fighting chance.

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