Hi All,
I've been reading through this list, lots of great information!  Been trying to 
chime in but having trouble keeping up with the fast pace lately, you are all 
very chatty :)  Anyway, Laura, my FeLV + kitty is doing wonderfully.  She had 
several days of loose stool, a few weeks back and I think it was from the 
vetri-science treats that I was giving her, they had lysine (she has herpes) 
and DMG in them.  Once I stopped them, she firmed back up again.  
She's gained quite a bit of weight, my neighbor/pet sitter (who visits Laura 
daily) thinks it might be a bit too much.  But honestly I think having a little 
bit of extra insulalation is good for her, gives her more of a "buffer" if she 
should become sick.  What do you all think?  She's not fat, but she is very 
solid and borderline a little chunky.  She looks great, all of her fur has 
grown back (she had alot of bald patches when I got her) and her coat is shiny 
and dense.
She eats a full can and 1/2 of wellness per day (5.5 oz can) plus I free feed 
dry wellness for her.  Since I currently have a very sick 14 year old, who 
won't eat, I'm just thrilled that Laura's appetite is so healthy, maybe it's 
too much, but again, I think she needs a little extra meat on her on bones.
Thanks in advance for any comments, 

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