"A titer is a blood test that measures the amount of disease fighting  
anti-bodies in the blood
at the time the blood is drawn."

Vets who try to protect animals from over vaccination use them in a  
variety of ways.

Google "The Rabies Challenge". There is a trial that is now being  
lead by Jean Dodds DVM
and other vets to prove that one vaccination is sufficient for the  
live time of an animal
and that multiple vaccinations and boosters are often dangerous and  

This subject is highly controversial because if it is proven that we  
have been over vaccinating our
pets, the economic impact on the veterinarian community and the  
pharmaceutical industry will
be profound. Yearly checkups for shots and boosters has been the  
foundation of many practices.
Changing the protocol from every year to every three years has met  
enormous resistance. You have to
admire vets who are willing to challenge their profession and major  
drug lobbies, for the well being
of animals.

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