Many thanks to Laurie, Jennifer, Marylyn & Sabrina for writing in
response to my question about "healthy dry foods".

I'm now seriously considering putting Pixie on a commercially prepared
raw food diet after discovering a "BARF" supplier in a nearby town. (I
find the "BARF" moniker hilariously appropriate as a vegetarian ;P)
Their formulation for cats is strictly meats, organs and bones without
any vegetable component (which they do however include in the dog

Marylyn, you wrote that you added organic veggies rich in iron and/or
vitamin C to Dixie's food -- could you tell me a little more about

Sabrina, thanks for recommending the Yahoo raw food groups and
mentioning some brands of grain-free dry food, which I didn't even
know existed! If the raw food diet doesn't work out I'll definitely go
out of my way to find grain-free dry food for Pixie.

Thanks again everyone.


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