Taking my furbabies to the vet in about a half hour.  I'm nervous for the 
results of Morrison's and Isobel's FeLV test.  Ash is just getting his rabies 
shot because my vet won't neuter him without his rabies vax (and it's the only 
vaccine required by law in New Jersey).  I'm also talking to my vet about a 
possible spay-abort for Isobel's kittens.  Just please keep your fingers 
crossed and if you pray, please pray for Morrison and Isobel to test negative 
with a clean bill of health.  I will keep you all updated..

 Jennifer - PROUD VEGETARIAN & LOCAL SPCA VOLUNTEER.  Be their voice. 
        ~ loving mama to ~
            Morrison (born Oct. 10, 2000)
            Isobel aka Fat Girl (born Feb. 7, 2007)
            Ash (born July 11, 2007, diagnosed FeLV+ July 28, 2008)

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