Sadly, I had to have Duncan euthanized last night. He was suffering from a URI 
and getting Clavamox, and the URI was clearing up, but he was still sluggish. 
On Sunday night he seemed disoriented, and was crying as if he was in a lot of 
pain. I rushed him to the emergency vet and then to my regular vet Monday 
morning. The vet called me at 5:30 as I was driving home from work to get 
Duncan's food and told me that he thought Duncan was very close to dying. Test 
results had showed Hemobartonella and he was fading fast. We talked about 
possible treatments but Dr Leathers felt that it would be best, and kindest, to 
put him down. 
He deteriorated so quickly - just a couple of days ago he was eating and 
walking around. Unfortunately, I assumed he just wasn't 100% because of the 
URI. I will not make that mistake again. He has never shown any symptoms in the 
year that I've had him. My other two positives, who lived with him, are fine, 
but I'm going to have them checked out at the vet next week.
I lost my 18 year old cat last Monday so this hasn't been a very good past 
couple of weeks for me. 

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